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Cheese of the Month

Did you know…
We have three licensed, women cheesemakers on our team?  Marieke, Martha
and Chris all help out making our famous Marieke® Gouda.

Wheyd loves Christmas!
Have a Gouda
Present Gouda

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and whew, am I tired!  I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of my busy team members.  They have all been scurrying around our creamery cutting, wrapping, folding boxes, taking orders and shipping out cheese.  You may have noticed that we are out of our most popular flavor, Marieke® Foenegreek Gouda.  Do not be dismayed, we are working very hard to get this flavor back on our shelves.  Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for when we’ll have it back in stock again.

Oregano & Basil

Remember Marieke® Gouda for your Christmas get-together.  
It makes a great host/hostess gift with a fun fruit wine!

Our Marieke® Pesto Basil Gouda is the                                                           this December, and our retail customers (that’s you) can get it at a 15% discount at both our farm and online store.  Our Pesto Basil Gouda is creamy and full-flavored with hints of oregano, basil and pepper.  Pair with your favorite Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc.  I love melting it over my garlic bread when I make spaghetti or lasagna!

You can order it right here in our online store.  Also, check out Chef Molly’s recipe for Marieke® Pesto Basil Gouda here.